Great Ab Tips?

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Working your abs during exercise can be most beneficial to help lose body fat around the stomach. It is very challenging to work out your abs and many eliminate a really comprehensive ab workout from their exercise program, mostly as working this part of the body can be hard work when done incorrectly.

For many people what they do doesn’t actually work, which makes them feel like they’re doing something wrong. There are a couple of things you have to be aware of in order to actually see the results of your hard work that is performed each day.

1. You have to know that in order to see your abs, you have to get rid of the fat that surrounds them. It is not good enough to just focus on your belly when you try to get rid of the fat, you should do all you can to shake the excess fat off your entire body.

2. The exercise needed by the abs to form well, is totally different from that which is needed by other muscles. To properly train your abs what you have to do is abdominal circuit training. You might have never heard of abdominal circuit training. This kind of workout happens when you do reps on your abs but with minimal rest periods throughout the entire process.

3. Of course the last thing that you want is performing exercises that are not doing you any good. I’ve prepared a very simple set for you that you can fall today:

Excercise 1. Leg Walks Lay on your back and place your hands under your bum. Raise your legs to vertical position. Contract your abs. Let one of your legs down but keep the foot a little bit off the ground. Maintain this position for about two seconds before returning to your startup position. Do the same with your other leg. Be sure to perform a couple reps of this exercise.

Excercise 2. Bruce Lee Squats This is a very fun exercise, especially if you want to show off in front of some girls or guys. Your startup position is on your back with your hands alongside your body. Start lifting your legs off the ground while doing squat at the same time. What’s going to happen is your legs are going to touch your hands. Remember to keep your hands and legs straight and feel how your muscles flex. If you’re able to touch your toes with your fingers, you can be proud of yourself!

These simple tips will make sure that you have something to do for now. It is important for you to consult a trainer or a specialized program written by professionals to help you work out most effectively. Good luck with your efforts!

Why Gyms Suck!

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Here are couple more reasons why you have to start working out at home instead of the gym. Take the time to read the following to get a better understanding:

1. Terrible trainers. We both know that trainers are at the gym because they get paid for it. They don’t actually care about you, your body, your muscles, your workout or your health. They are there to take the money. They are kind of like a machine to make money. You walk in you go through the usual protocol, you walk out (after you pay of course).

A much better solution is to get some good equipment, buy a tape and work out at home. Your initial cost might be higher, but if you spread it throughout a couple months — as a payment plan or something — you’ll actually realize that you’re saving money instead of wasting it.

2. Lack of control. When he workout at the gym is totally dependent on what the gym has to offer. You’re dependent on the on the equipment they have, the quality of the trainers, the time schedule, your budget, and all that. You have very little control over the situation. Even if you do find the gym that you actually like, you’ll have to wait for your turn and waste a lot of time, so you’re always dependent on someone.

3. Fees. I don’t know if we have talked about this or not, but the fees can really kill you. The gym is asked to pay each and every month, and sometimes if you can’t go and your workout session doesn’t actually happened, you still have to pay. This is very frustrating at times especially if your job forces you travel a lot. If you go to your training you’ll pay a lot of money, but if you miss your training sometimes you will waste even more money because you will not be refunded most of the time.

4. Faulty equipment. I don’t think I really need to explain this one. Some equipment is broken, and because of this it can even be dangerous, or sometimes it’s not suitable for your particular circumstances. You get my point…

Why I Do Not Like Gyms

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Why are you still going to the gym?
Here are couple of reasons why I don’t like the gym and it would be best if we shouldn’t go to the gym.

You’re ready for it? Let’s get going!

1. People staring at you. Have you ever realize that when you go to the gym, all you see is huge bodybuilding type people that start staring at you the second you walk in, unless you are a bodybuilding type like they are. If you’re just a skinny guy (or girl) than those looks might be really intimidating especially if you’re trying to press and you hear a chuckle behind you. You know what I mean, right?

2. Bacteria. Let’s be honest, the gym is a place full of sweaty, greasy, overheated people that touch everything, sweat at everything and don’t worry if they accidentally spit on something. This can get you sake in no time. You might think I’m exaggerating, but believe me, once is enough.

3. Distraction. Imagine this: you walk into a gym, and want to start working out, but first you have to wait for your turn. As you wait, you notice a friend of yours, who at the same time notices to you, and walks up to you to have a little chitchat. The guy you’re waiting for to finish his workout is already done and that piece of equipment is open for you to use, but you don’t want to be rude to your friend, so you talk to him. Huge time waste!

Of course this is just an imaginary scenario, but you get my point. Working out at the gym can be very distractive especially if you know couple people in there.

4. Time waste. As you get to the gym and from the gym, you realize how much time it takes you. If you didn’t have to do all this traveling, you might even be able to reduce your working out time by 50%. Let’s say an average working out session last 45 minutes. You travel for 15 minutes each way, that’s 30 minutes of travel time. Instead of going to the gym, you could have spent this time actually working out at your house. Though free time could be spent with your friends. See what I’m saying?

Of course working out at the gym has benefits attached to it. Maybe you’re getting a free trainer, maybe you are meeting hot girls, maybe you just need that social time with people, but let’s be honest: you can get a trainer on tape, it’s better to meet girls outside of the gym where they’re not busy and we both know better occasions to gather together with your friends than the gym.


Are you going next week?

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