Fitness Myths Part One

March 24, 2009 by  
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Here are some common fitness myths that people believe that are wrong or not proven to be right. Enjoy!

1. Women get all tough and bulky if they weight lift.

Some women think that it’s a weight lift, they will become all bulky and unattractive.

Well, this is a myth.

Girls, don’t worry about getting all big. If you exercise right, you’ll get toned, lean and certainly remain beautiful. You will in fact get even more beautiful as a result of lifting some weights. Be sure to get a trainer though and make sure that the trainer is good at what he does. Some of them can be very sloppy, as they are there to just take the money and walk out. If you look long enough you’ll find a good one, I promise.

2. Aerobics is perfect for weight loss.

Well, here’s the thing.

Your body has a natural ability to become energy-efficient. When you do aerobics for some time, your body gets used to it and after some time it’s able to work less to perform the same exercises. Instead of going to aerobics classes each day, you should do interval training. Trust me, it’s very much more efficient.

3. You’ll get fat if you stop exercising.

The truth is this: muscle is designed to help your body move. Fat is the means by which your body stores energy. If you stop working out, you lose the muscle, so you don’t need that much energy and if you keep eating the same amount of food, your body will store that energy as fat because the muscles don’t need it anymore. Simple, isn’t it?

Here are three of the myths. I have more coming, so get ready!

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